Comfort and choice


13, 15 or 18 seats (Mercedes or Volkswagen) with all comfort : reclining seats, leather or cloth, reinforced air conditioning for the passengers on board and individual air conditioning for the guide’s seat, DVD and CD player with one LCD monitor in the front, fridge filled with cold drinks , inside luggage rack, net on each seat, individual tab on the back of each seat,… Only toilets are not available on these little vehicules.


To conclude, they are just ideal for your 8 to 12 pax groups.


Above 12 pax, we may suggest picking our 25 seats INCAR Iveco, leather seats and same comfort (reinforced air conditioning, fridge, DVD player with one front monitor and also, 2 gaming tables).


You might want a bit larger ? Don’t worry, you can also choose our 35 seats minivans (same comfort, cloth seats).

You can rent a minivan with a driver


Cheaper than a big coach, our minivans from 6 to 25 seats are perfect for all your small groups ; the inside atmosphere gets more intimist, keeping obvioudsly all comfort.


Prices being lower, substantial savings will be for you !



Let's contact us and ask for an estimation using the item "contact". We will answer you within 24 hours.

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