Passenger transport by coach...

.... our reason to be !


From a small group of few little pax at « Mondial Congress » (Taxfree, G8, G20, Summit France-Africa, larger groups who stay in our Region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA), or Conventions, launching of new cars or stays in all Europe ans tours of France and Europe, everything that can be made by coaches or minivans, we are able to do it !


You would like to organize a trip with friends on the French Riviera, or further, and you don’t know what to visit ? Contact us, we will give you advices on what deserve to be seen in priority. We can also help you for a wedding (yours or a friend of yours) or just a transfer from the International Airport of Nice Cpôte d’Azur to your hotel, please feel free to contact us with no obligation and we will draw up a customized estimation.


An estimate will NOT COST YOU anything so don’t hesitate !

We will answer all your requests.

Even if you are looking for a car with a driver, we will be able to help you.




Several Mondial Congresses and Conventions are hiring every year our company with complete confidence. We can handle those big events by relying on our ability, our experience and, of course, on a skilled staff.

Ask for an estimate and we will answer you within 24 hours.

And don't forget, we can put your logo on each of our vehicules (on the right, left, front or back).





And also with minivans

We can also put your logo on our minivans


IMPORTANT : all our vehicules are white without any distinctive mark ; sides of our coaches and minivans can therefore receive your logo, even it's a big one.